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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Josh Chafetz, like my entire family, doesn't understand evangelical Christianity.

> the idea that religion has to be hip to be relevant

It's not about "hip"; it's about "engaged". God, too, lives in the real, present world. That world includes skateboards and body piercings. God is all things to all people (he is large, he contains multitudes). To me he's a philosopher. To a sk8er boi he may be a sk8er boi. Neither diminishes him.

> in the long term, I think most of us want transcendence

God is *both* transcendent and immanent. The God of the suburban megachurch and the old red hymnal isn't transcendent, he's just absent.

>, and bringing religion down to the level of

This may be "down", but it's the down of heaven -> earth, not the down of high -> low. The whole point of Christianity is that God descended, and descends, to our level, because he loves us. He doesn't need or even want us to leave our lives and go to some idealized fairyland in order to worship him. He meets us where we are.

[Now playing: "God Is In" by Billy Jonas.]

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