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Friday, January 30, 2004

Science-Fiction Spoilers

Some stories are not quite good enough that I feel the need to archive them[*], but are good definitely enough that I feel the need to share them. This most often happens when the story's execution, however beautiful, is less important than its concept. Such as:

*"Willie", by Madeleine E. Robins: in which a scientist creates life ... and then has to raise it to adulthood.

*"Coffins", by Robert Reed: in which a perfect life-support system, and its inhabitant biomass, colonize a distant galaxy.

*"The Resurrection of Alonso Quijana", by Marcos Donnelly: in which Cervantes conjures Don Quijote to teach a G.I. to kill Iraqis.

Both "Willie" and "The Resurrection..." deserve to be taught in English classes as commentaries on their respective sources.

All three stories, along with many others that are also worth reading, can be found in The Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: A 45th-Anniversary Anthology.

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