Under The Sun

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Lileks gets it exactly right: it's "the sort of news that transcends today". And that's worth more than those who are trapped in current events can understand.

Jerry Oltion won a Nebula Award in 1997 for "Abandon In Place", a novella in which (to give away nothing) ghost Saturn Vs start launching from Canaveral once a week until a veteran astronaut realizes, intuits, that it's the long-lost spirit of the space program clamoring to return to the Moon. So they do. It's totally hokey; Oltion knew it and all the award voters knew it. It won a Nebula anyway because the members of the SFWA believe in that vision, the vision of humanity transcending itself, not over time but merely by action, even though it is merely human. So despite the bad timing, despite the uncertain budget, despite the bad planning, this announcement is important. We must venture outward, and there is never a bad time to remind ourselves that we can and we will.

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