Under The Sun

Thursday, December 18, 2003

"France is in bad shape. Strange as this sounds, it reminded me in a way of some of my visits to the Soviet Union in the late eighties. [...] France is not really a democracy but a bureaucratic state in which, instead of voting for change, interest groups take to the streets to make themselves heard on various issues."
--Roger Simon

"Get a grip."
--someone in the comment thread

But I think Simon is on to something. France is a state that not only doesn't work the way it wants to work--that's normal, the US is the same way--but can't work the way it wants to work. It isn't productive enough to support its policies, and its policies don't permit any major changes to its productivity. That makes revolution--perhaps invisible, perhaps violent--inevitable. The French socialist state, like the Russian "communist" state, is doomed. Its demise may not be prompt or catastrophic, so perhaps it's nothing to worry about. But you know what the fastest-growing minority in France is, don't you?

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