Under The Sun

Friday, December 05, 2003

"As much as we're all supposed to please God in any way we can, we should not be
seeking to earn greatness or prestige in the eyes of God or others. Jesus Himself pre-empted such a conclusion by saying that one who wants to be great must become the servant of all.
"Fanaticism happens (and I'm only saying this is one of many possible routes to fanaticism) when people start thinking that the world owes them something for their visible obedience to God, that they should be regarded as great people, that they are owed such regard, and, because they are so close to God, are justified in correcting people who do not show the proper respect to them. The arrangement is that we glorify God for all eternity; God is under no obligation to glorify us in the here and now. He will raise up and put down whomever He chooses. No-one who gets a head full of his/her own present or future importance is going to be of much use."
--Geoffrey Ream

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