Under The Sun

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Scott Adams (of "Dilbert" fame) recently conducted an "exuberantly non-scientific" Weasel Poll, to determine the weaseliest entities in a number of categories. Respondents were self-selected from within the already non-random pool of Dilbert aficionados--to overgeneralize, most of these voters are educated professionals. Here are some choice results (not always including the winners):

Weaseliest Organization:
4470 Democratic Party
3008 Republican Party

Weaseliest Country:
12739 France
10761 USA

Weaseliest Individual:
13959 George W. Bush
5104 Michael Moore
3057 Yasser Arafat
2820 Jacques Chirac
2141 Saddam Hussein
1883 Tom Daschle
1105 Arnold Schwarzenegger
1095 Al Franken

These results seem more centrist than I would have expected from the typically left-leaning intellectual class. Is that really the trend, or is there another explanation?

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