Under The Sun

Saturday, July 12, 2003

"It's more like Dungeons and Dragons. It's an endless series of closed rooms with dangers on the other side. You don't dare take it a step at a time. You take it a hundredth of a step at a time. Your questions are like, 'Now this isn't a question, but if it entered my mind to ask this question--which I'm not about to do--concerning what might happen if I looked at this door here--and I'm not touching it, I'm not even in the next room--what do you suppose you might do?' And the program crunches on that, decides if you fulfilled the conditions for getting a great big cream pie in the face, then either throws it or allow as how it might just move from step A to step A prime. Then you say, 'Well, maybe I am looking at that door.' And sometimes the program says 'You looked, you looked, you dirty crook!' And the fireworks start."
--Lisa Foo
(John Varley, "Press Enter")

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