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Monday, June 09, 2003

Fun Word Puzzles. The first of these is standard, the second I learned from Encyclopedia Brown, and the third I made up myself.

(1) Find the shortest English word in which all five vowels occur in alphabetical order. Find another English word in which all six vowels (including 'y') occur in alphabetical order.

(2) Find three English words that include consecutive double letters (i.e. a sequence of letters of the form 'aabb'). Find one that includes three consecutive double letters. (You may not consult Leroy.)

(3) A 'sherlock' is a word in which three of more alphabetically-consecutive consonants occur in order separated (if at all) only by vowels. There are many sherlocks; I have eleven on my list, and I'm sure there are others. Additional constraints make a challenge, however. Find a four-letter English word that includes a 3-sherlock, and find an English word of any length that includes a 4-sherlock. (I know two of each, but there may be others.)

Happy hunting!

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