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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

John Keegan is very smart:

"Somewhere in my collection of First World War ephemera I have a picture postcard of Blackpool, sent on August 6, 1914, two days after the outbreak, which reads: 'Dear Dot, All the trains have stopped, so we are staying until it is over.'
"The inability to read how military events are unfolding is not a new phenomenon. The writer of the postcard might be excused, however. In 1914 Britain had not been involved in a serious war for nearly 100 years.
"The headless chickens whose cluckings and splutterings currently fill the media are more blameworthy."

Keegan--possibly the greatest living military historian--goes on to analyze the current military situation. I'd summarize it thus: nothing seriously bad has happened yet. In war, that's wonderful news.

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