Under The Sun

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Unfortunately, this guy does not seem to be kidding. He hasn't a clue about history--if Britain was so anti-slavery, why did it support the Confederacy in the US Civil War?--and he has even less of a clue about his putative topic, the ethics of colonialism. It is not time for the second coming of the "white man's burden" crap. In fact it is not time for "colonialism" at all. The entire point is that we want to export liberty without exporting structure: we want to allow liberty to create its own structures, based on the cultures of individual countries and peoples. Is that possible?--perhaps not; if Muslim countries vote to oppress women (as is happening in some parts of Afghanistan), we're left with a hard problem. But before concluding that any group can't handle freedom, we must let them try it. In theory, that is our goal in liberating Iraq.

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